My Glass Eye

“On My Glass Eye, Beth Thornley blends pop, alternative rock, and punk that really isn’t comparable to many other female solo artists out there.  Alternative artists like Fiona Apple or Liz Phair are probably a little too alternative when paired with Thornley yet an artist like Anna Nalick is probably too mainstream and poppy.  But, whatever the mix is, it works.  Thornley knows how to write a pop song.  Songs like “Beautiful Lie” and “Bound” recall Garbage while the title track recalls The Fray and shows off Thornley’s lyrical prowess, “Lately I’ve been apples to an oranges world / All that polish never brought much in return / so I’ve been flying kites through hurricanes to feel OK.”  Look out for the excellent covers of Joe Jackson’s “Got the Time” and a mellow, Aimee Mann-esque version of The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby.”
American Songwriter, July/August 2006 (Evan James) 

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