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March 2016

My very recent EP release, All That Longing, is now available on 10″ Limited Edition Vinyl!  We are so happy to offer vinyl for the very first time. Vinyl rocks. I hope you’ll get one. Heidi Ross made some beautiful artwork for it, too.

This EP departs from my usual pop stylings and veers into classic and modern folk/rock. The songs carry an ache for what has been, a pining for what’s lost, and a longing for what could be.

Click here and order one today! (note — a free digital download card for the EP is included with the vinyl)

ALSO! Click and see our BRAND NEW VIDEO of our song, “All This Time”. It was specially made for our vinyl release of this EP.

You can stream this EP (and all my music) from the music page on this website. There are also lots of videos to see on the videos page.

February 2016

Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce (Bravo) on 2/16, you can hear Beth’s new song “Easy”. Beth is very happy to have her music included on such a cool show. See the super amazing animated video for that song here!

The 10” vinyl for “All That Longing” is coming soon. Very, very soon!

The video of the title track can be viewed here!

December 2015

It’s Almost Ready! The limited edition vinyl will be available in late January 2016! The EP is already available digitally on all digital download sites.

You can stream the new EP from Beth’s music page on this site.

And you can see a video of the EP’s title track here!  We shot it in the studio that we recorded the song in. That would be Rob Cairns’ studio. The co-writer of the song, Ian Merrigan, is also in the video singing backing vocals.  Check it out!

There will be a new video in January so stay tuned.

And a solo show in December. More info on the shows page.
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Beth’s most recent release, All That Longing (Sept. 2015), departs from her usual pop stylings and veers into classic and modern folk/rock. From the opening contemporary anthemic folk tracks, to a 70s rock ballad reminiscent of Elton John’s Tumbleweed Connection era, and a torchy western closer, the songs carry an ache for what has been, a pining for what’s lost, and a longing for what could be.

“Purely as a songwriter, she excels at weaving diverse thoughts into crashing emotional statements. As a performer she has a singular voice and gentle style of instrumentation that hints at a massive weight of intellectual substance. Her work has a balance to it, a “rightness” that aligns the various elements into cohesive relationships like natural gravity.”

Click here to see the video of the title track.


Digital tracks for “All That Longing” available at iTunes and Amazon
and other digital download sites.

Available on 10″ vinyl! Click below to order.

Other Albums


2016 (single)
Download from iTunes










All This Time (2016)

Easy (2016)

video by weebl

All That Longing (2015)

Last to Fall (acoustic live video 2015)

Breezeblocks [Live alt-J (∆) Cover]

You’re So Pony (official video 2012)

Wash U Clean (live)

You’re So Pony (live)

What The Heart Wants (live)

Beautiful Lie (live)



Beth-Thornley-bioBeth Thornley is a Birmingham, Alabama-born, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter who writes contemplative Beatle-esque pop with an engaging warmth and winsome sense of melody that recalls such master craftspeople as Squeeze’s Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook, Elvis Costello, and Carole King. With her airy, plaintive voice as the through-line, Thornley manages to shape-shift over the course of her five independently released projects. Thornley has three full-length albums (Beth Thornley, 2003; My Glass Eye, 2006; and Wash U Clean, 2010), and two EPs (Septagon, 2014; and All That Longing, Sept. 2015). Septagon  includes the song Last To Fall which was co-written with Glen Phillips (Toad the Wet Sprocket) and also appears as a bonus track on Toad’s 2013 album, New Constellation, as well as their 2015 EP Architect of the Ruin. Beth’s most recent release, All That Longing, is a 4 song EP of modern and traditional folk rock and Americana. Her music has been heard in the films Magic Mike (directed by Steven Soderbergh), Girl In Progress (starring Eva Mendez), Laggies (staring Keira Knightley and Sam Rockwell) and in several TV shows including The Client List, Mistresses, Royal Pains, Suburgatory, and Friday Night Lights. She has been featured in national publications such as Keyboard Magazine, Paste, and American Songwriter. In 2012, Beth and Rob Cairns co-wrote the music and lyrics for the original rock musical, Bad Apples (premiering in Los Angeles with Circle X Theatre), which earned the pair nominations for “Best Original Score” by the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle, LA Weekly, and L.A. Stage Alliance, winning awards from the latter two. Beth and her band play in Los Angeles and she continues to write and record.

Film & TV


Magic Mike (movie)
Wash U Clean

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce (Bravo)


Mistresses (ABC)
Party Dress


Laggies (movie)
Night Light

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Bad Apples Musical

World Premier Los Angeles September 2012

(Opening in Seattle at ACT Theatre, September 2016)

Circle X Theatre Co. presents the World Premiere of

Bad Apples

By Jim Leonard
Music by Beth Thornley and Rob Cairns
Directed by John Langs

Welcome to Club Abu, the biggest party in Baghdad and the premier location for Iraqi nightlife. You only need to answer the following question to gain entry: “Do you love me enough to torture for me?” Dress code is whatever you got dragged in wearing (or nothing at all). Freedom lovers only, please.


Bad Apples is a new rock musical that follows three characters inspired by the three National Guard soldiers behind the atrocities at Abu Ghraib prison in 2003/2004. Jim Leonard has created a compelling, jarring, beautiful and heartbreaking story that asks how this tragedy came to be. Who were the victims? Who were the villains? Is sadism part of being human? Was Abu really an aberration brought on by a few “bad apples?”

Produced by Tim Wright and Jennifer A. Skinner
Choreography: Cassandra Daurden
Musical Direction: Beth Thornley and Rob Cairns
Scenic Design: Francois-Pierre Couture
Projection Design: Jason H. Thompson
Lighting Design: Jeremy Pivnick
Sound Design: Cricket S. Myers
Costume Design: Jessica Olson
Props Design: Heather Ho
Associate Producers: Katherine Haan and Jennifer Ludden
Casting Director: Raul Staggs
Stage Manager: Katherine E. Haan
Assistant Directors: Kate Jopson and Johanna McKay

3269 Casitas Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90039


Beth Thornley and Rob Cairns win the LA Stage Alliance Ovation Award for Music and Lyrics for an Original Musical.  November 2013
Beth Thornley and Rob Cairns win the LA Stage Alliance Ovation Award for Music and Lyrics for an Original Musical. November 2013.

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Upcoming Shows

I’m playing at the FREE Tiny Pizza “sound bites” show at Upright Citizens Brigade Sunset at 9pm this Saturday, Dec. 19th. Music AND Comedy AND my friend, Cary Brothers, is also playing some songs.
Come on! … https://www.facebook.com/events/937997859569262

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    Hello all! I'm excited to announce that my new EP, "All That Longing" will be available soon -- September 4, 2015. You'll be able to find it at all the usual digital download sites. AND THEN! this EP will also be available in limited edition vinyl with free download of the EP included. I'm so excited about the vinyl that I'm nearly peeing my pants. Vinyl release date will be a few weeks later. Stay tuned. In the past few weeks, we have also posted 2 new videos.  Check them out Here and Here. And as usual, you can stream…
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