The Movies!

  • 18 Jun 12

I hope you had a chance to see “Girl in Progress”. I was so happy and proud to have my music (4 songs!) be a part of such a wonderful film. If you didn’t hear about the movie, it’s because it was a small, indie film on a budget. Even though it was an indie film, Eva Mendes and Patricia Arquett were in the movie and both were excellent. This movie is well worth streaming or seeing at home if you missed it in the theaters. I loved how they used my music — especially the usage of “There’s No Way”. “There’s No Way” is one of my personal favorites and I was thrilled that it got some time in the spotlight. The songs made it to the soundtrack, too. Up next is the movie, “Magic Mike”, (Steven Soderbergh, director)which opens June 29th and is using my song “Wash You Clean”. I’ve been seeing the trailers and the movie looks fantastic. I can’t wait to see the movie and to also see how they chose to use my song. The song will also be on the soundtrack. I don’t know what else is one there, but since there’s a lot of dancing (and stripping) in this movie, I’m betting the soundtrack will kick some ass. In general, I’m doing the usual. Working on songs,taking care of cats, sitting outside and drinking margaritas as much as possible. I hope you’re having a great summer. beth

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