Rust Magazine

April 7, 2014: Beth Thornley has a very interesting past, a new EP out and a very bright future. Septagon is her fourth release over the course of a decade and her “soundtrack to your life” sound has been tapped for multiple placements in movies and tv shows. You might not have heard of her *yet* but you’ve probably heard her music in Girl In Progress, Hung, Vanderpump Rules, The Hills, Making The Band and many other places. In this download world, the measure of an artist has changed quite a lot from the old billboard sales figures and in the world of song usage, Beth Thornley is a true superstar. That’s because she writes and performs relevant, touching, personal music that people can truly relate to. It’s a special gift.

Septagon delivers four rock-solid songs with poignant moods, celebrations of energy and complex themes both dark and light. Purely as a songwriter, she excels at weaving diverse thoughts into crashing emotional statements. As a performer she has a singular voice and gentle style of instrumentation that hints at a massive weight of intellectual substance. Her work has a balance to it, a “rightness” that aligns the various elements into cohesive relationships like natural gravity.

Her story began in Alabama as the daughter of church musicians with stops along the way in Colorado, eventually winding up in Los Angeles. After performing on a cruise ship, she was so depressed that when it docked in LA she got off and stayed. Since then, she has made music her life by pushing the boundaries of pop music and taking it into her own personal space.

Beth Thornley’s new EP Septagon showcases great songwriting coming from a memorable muse. She is able to take the listener into a very wide variety of moods and philosophical places via her natural ability and years of work. Though just four songs, Septagon has more substance, more intelligence and more beauty than most artists could pack into a box set. Big things come in little packages and Beth Thornley’s big talent shines as bright as the sun here. Available as a download only, Septagon hits the streets April 8th. This is an artist you’ve probably already heard, this is an artist need to know about right now, and this is someone you will be hearing from for a long time to come. Highly Recommended.