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Singer/songwriter Beth Thornley has returned with the follow-up to to her 2006 release My Glass Eye. With her new album, Wash U Clean, Thornely takes her writing and performance to the next level.

As with her previous effort, Wash U Clean showcases many different styles and textures. The title track echoes a style like the Ting Tings, but with more robust and complex arrangements. “Still Can’t Hide” sounds like a good Beatles tunes, while with “It’s Me” Thornely struts a bit more indie edge. “What the Heart Wants” is a gorgeous melancholic track. Somewhat out of place is the track “You’re So Pony”, which would have been well suited in a different slot.

After one listen to Wash U Clean it is very clear just how much Thornley has grown as a Singer/Songwriter. The production of this album is also superb and serves to create a strong vibe for this album. Quite simply, Thornley, and her music, has never sounded better.