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What a great way to kick off the year, with an incredible album of melodic rock from a true talent.  Beth Thornley’s third album shows a maturing and more confident songwriter and singer, and she delivers it with stunning results.

The opening cut and first single “Wash U Clean” is certainly different than anything she has done in the past, kicking off with a Gary Numan-esque riff on a baritone sax(!?!) as Beth rips through this funky riff filled jam. Does it work? Absolutely!

The rest of the album focuses on uptempo rock outs (“Your So Pony”), beautiful ballads (“Everyone Falls”), and a bunch of piano based pure power pop.

“Still Can’t Hide”, one of the albums highlights, would sound right in place of an Alan Parsons Project meets ELO album. “There’s No Way”  is classic Beth Thornley, showing off her knack for putting together a memorable melody and the right chords in all of the right places.

The end result is an album of really solid songs, wonderfully produced, and sung with a voice that is sweeter than a throwback Mountain Dew on a hot July day!

A very clear candidate for album of the year right out of the gate.

Popbangradio.com, Jan. 12, 2010

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