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by Mailo on Feb.25, 2010, under Album Reviews, artists

U run it rich, that carburetor.
U gotta open, open that choke.
‘Cause when you’re here, the air it won’t clear.
And u just blowin’, just blowin’ smoke

The opening lines to what is easily the best song of 2010 so far! Beth Thornely is no stranger to the Indie scene and her latest album Wash U Clean is sure to be a favorite amongst our readers/listeners! I love discovering new music and artists who are doing things their way and not conforming to what radio wants. This can be said about the very talented singer/songwriter Beth Thornley. Recently, DJ Turrtle and I had a chance to talk to Beth (after leaving her an embarrassing voicemail) about her latest album Wash U Clean and Glockenspiels!

Her sophomore album, My Glass Eye contained many great songs, including “Arrogance” and a cover of The Beatles classic “Eleanor Rigby.” She covered the song for a TV Show and decided to put it on her album. When asked about covering songs Beth told us she likes covering tracks. Often times people look for songs and find the various versions by different artists. Beth told us that cover songs “expose you to all types of fans.”

When asked why she used the glockenspiel in her music Beth said, “it just sounds good…it is hard to resist!” After a show one night, a fan who according to Beth was big and tall, walked up to her husband and said, “Dude it takes a lot of guts to rock the glockenspiel!” So maybe “rock the Glock” could be Beth’s newest catch phrase, so look for it on her next album!

As with any musician, or anyone who is a professional, they want to grow from album to album, and Beth is no exception. Beth says that her goal from album to album is to “keep getting better…experimenting and developing and growing [her] sound.” Something interesting is that her husband plays in the band and is her producer, but she admits that he “doesn’t influence [her] writing.” Her husband is her harshest critic because he gives her his impression of a song once he first hears it.

Beth says that when it comes to her music, she only values the opinions of two people: Her husband and her longtime friend and fellow Indie singer/songwriter Laura Jansen. Beth and Jansen have been friends for a long time but have never worked or co-written anything together. Beth says that she hopes that one day they may co-write, but she doesn’t see that happening for awhile. Maybe they could form another super group, like our recent guests The Rescues.

Let’s get right into the album because after all, that’s why you’re reading, right? I can’t tell you where I heard the lead-off/title track “Wash U Clean,” but what I can tell you is that I was floored. When writing the track, she envisioned a “Toxic Person.” This is such a great track, very reminiscent of the 60’s funk sound. She also said that this song was a tribute to one of her favorite bands: The Beastie Boys. It was odd to hear that she LOVES The Beastie’s music. Almost before I could finish asking the question as to which was her favorite album, she responded “all of them!”

Another great pop song is the infectious “You’re So Pony.” Thornley is unveiling this catch phrase to the world and it’s basically just another way to say something/someone is awesome or cool. By the way, ponies can be Pony. Other great songs off the album include “It’s Me,” “Still Can’t Hide,” and “What the Heart Wants.” I’ll be honest, I liked the record so much that I actually went online and bought it! From the start of the album to the end, the album is filled with great pop songs and some great ballads. Thornley has definitely grown as an artist and as a writer, but don’t take my word for it. Check out her website where you could stream the entire album.

It was refreshing talking to Beth, she actually gets it. When I asked her why she allows fans/listeners to listen to the full-length album, she said “if they like it, then they’ll buy it!” It makes the artist want to deliver a great product that people will actually want to own and in her latest project, Beth does not disappoint. So please be sure to go to her website below and check out her music. After all you can listen to all of her albums! Beth will be performing at Sainte Rocks in Hermosa Beach on the 28th and at the Gypsy Den, in Santa Ana, on the 27th. Check her website for more details!