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Beth Thornley – “Wash U Clean” (Stiff Hips Music): After listening to Beth Thornley’s latest, “Wash U Clean,” it has become painfully obvious that there is no justice in the music word. If there were justice in this industry of ours, hipsters poseurs like Katy Perry would be an afterthought, or better yet, a never thought, and true indie pop princesses like Beth Thornley would be famous. She is the real deal and she does all her own stunts, meaning she writes her own songs (OK, except for two), something other chart-topping females cannot say for themselves. With “Wash U Clean,” Thornley is a jack of all trades musically, showcasing her dexterity by balancing Ting-Ting style peppy bounce (‘Wash U Clean,’ ‘You’re So Pony’) with piano driven endeavors (‘Still Can’t Hide,’ ‘What the Heart Wants,’ ‘Never your Girl’), while taking the time to sound acoustically vulnerable (‘Everyone Falls’). No matter what she’s doing, Thornley is real, honest and passionate. She doesn’t need autotune or high priced production value to make good songs, that much is evident on “Wash U Clean,” an album that is very much ‘what you see is what you get.’ And what you get is a sincere and candid, straight forward record, that although understated in stature, is rife with over-the-top zeal. (www.myspace.com/beththornley)

Grade: A
Go Download: ‘Bones’
Review by Buffalo at Home. 2/2/10


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