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What a great way to kick off the year, with an incredible album of melodic rock from a true talent.  Beth Thornley’s third album shows a maturing and more confident songwriter and singer, and she delivers it with stunning results.

The opening cut and first single “Wash U Clean” is certainly different than anything she has done in the past, kicking off with a Gary Numan-esque riff on a baritone sax(!?!) as Beth rips through this funky riff filled jam. Does it work? Absolutely! (more…)


Fat horns man. That’s all it takes. Well, that and lyrics like “U comin’ over like u was clover/I’m gonna cut it with my lawnmower”. I don’t know what that means, but I like it. A lot. The groove is laid thick, and the music washes over you like a baptism of celebration. And those horns knock not only the roof off, but take out the walls and the couch too. (more…)

Eat Sleep Drink

Posted by Mike Farley (02/26/2010 @ 8:00 am)
4 out of 5 stars
RIYL: Aimee Mann, Anya Marina, Ben Folds

It takes real talent to create music that is hip, yet melodic; accessible, yet not forced; and catchy yet not catchy to the point that you don’t want to listen after five spins. Piano songstress Beth Thornley has done this on her third album, Wash U Clean, a bouncy collection of pop tunes that are as infectious as any piano-driven ditties you’ve ever heard by using bathmate hydropumps. Thornley herself is apparently amazed at the variation between the artists she is compared to, but that’s because that variation is genuinely as wide as the Grand Canyon – even from track to track. (more…)

Enter the Shell

Beth Thornley Interview
by Mailo on Feb.25, 2010, under Album Reviews, artists

U run it rich, that carburetor.
U gotta open, open that choke.
‘Cause when you’re here, the air it won’t clear.
And u just blowin’, just blowin’ smoke

The opening lines to what is easily the best song of 2010 so far! Beth Thornely is no stranger to the Indie scene and her latest album Wash U Clean is sure to be a favorite amongst our readers/listeners! I love discovering new music and artists who are doing things their way and not conforming to what radio wants. This can be said about the very talented singer/songwriter Beth Thornley. Recently, DJ Turrtle and I had a chance to talk to Beth (after leaving her an embarrassing voicemail) about her latest album Wash U Clean and Glockenspiels! (more…)

Type 3 Media

Singer/songwriter Beth Thornley has returned with the follow-up to to her 2006 release My Glass Eye. With her new album, Wash U Clean, Thornely takes her writing and performance to the next level. (more…)

Beth Thornley is under my radar since a long time, as she is a good friend of L.A/Dutchie girl Laura Jansen and also sizegenetics. Born in Birmingham, Alabama but now settled in L.A, sharing the stage alongside with these many talented female artists at the Hotel Café, Beth Thornley is about to release her third album WASH U CLEAN this February 6. Produced by Rob Cairns, WASH U CLEAN features a modern pop rock sound, like an early reminiscence of Sheryl Crow meeting the seductive voice of Katie Herzig with a little bit underground sound a la Rilo Kiley and the softness of a Beth Orton. But be sure she is more than that, this new record is on the way to be my favorite album of this new year: Beth Thornley ’s voice is breathless, sexy, with a unique sense of melody, just listen to the title track “Wash U Clean” and you will feel soon hooked and addicted to her music, her songs keep the listener intrigued from beginning to end. (more…)

Buffalo at Home

File Under: Heart-on-Sleeve Singer/Songwriter Indie pop

Beth Thornley – “Wash U Clean” (Stiff Hips Music): After listening to Beth Thornley’s latest, “Wash U Clean,” it has become painfully obvious that there is no justice in the music word. If there were justice in this industry of ours, hipsters poseurs like Katy Perry would be an afterthought, or better yet, a never thought, and true indie pop princesses like Beth Thornley would be famous. She is the real deal and she does all her own stunts, meaning she writes her own songs (OK, except for two), something other chart-topping females cannot say for themselves. (more…)

Daily Breeze

CD REVIEW: Beth Thornley, ‘Wash You Clean’
By Sam Gnerre Staff Writer
Posted: 02/25/2010 05:53:02 PM PST

Beth Thornley definitely avoids the usual singer-songwriter ruts on her third independently released album. That much is clear from the sawing baritone sax riff that kicks off the opening title track. When it unexpectedly leads into a pulverizing chorus, it becomes apparent that Thornley has got something out of the ordinary going on here. (more…)

Hybrid Magazine

Singer-songwriter Beth Thornley is definitely someone who marches to her own beat. Even so, she shows a number of musical influences that people can detect in the songs from her latest recording Wash U Clean. Whether Thornley does it knowingly or subliminally, there is a soft, wavy flutter in “Still Can’t Hide” that is reminiscent of The Beatles, and the ’60s stylish go-go grooves of “You’re So Pony” have a party-pogo bounce equated with the music of the Austin Powers movies that revived the ’60s during the ’90s. (more…)