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LA Weekly

Beth Thornley has been one of the best and brightest performers in the local singer-songwriter scene, and her pop potential blossoms further on her new EP, Heptagon. “Scrape your hands and knees, and put your hear back on your sleeve,” the Alabama native pleads on “Say You Will,” pumped up buy buoyant piano and euphoric harmonies. (more…)

Rust Magazine

April 7, 2014: Beth Thornley has a very interesting past, a new EP out and a very bright future. Septagon is her fourth release over the course of a decade and her “soundtrack to your life” sound has been tapped for multiple placements in movies and tv shows. You might not have heard of her *yet* but you’ve probably heard her music in Girl In Progress, Hung, Vanderpump Rules, The Hills, Making The Band and many other places. In this download world, the measure of an artist has changed quite a lot from the old billboard sales figures and in the world of song usage, Beth Thornley is a true superstar. That’s because she writes and performs relevant, touching, personal music that people can truly relate to. It’s a special gift. (more…)

With three well-received albums under her belt, plus plenty of her songs appearing in popular TV shows and movies, it seems that Beth Thornley had it made. The Birmingham, Alabama-born, Los Angles-based singer songwriter was captivating fans with her clear and beautiful vocals, poetic song-writing, and variable pop sounds. However, it was then that she suffered a crisis of confidence. Perhaps she was drained from consistently releasing quality music, but by 2011, after eight years of releases she found herself disappointed with her output for a planned EP. Having shelved the project, Beth Thornley even considered packing her music career in. (more…)

Medleyville (feature)

The recording was finished — all that needed to be done was the mixing and mastering. Instead, singer-songwriter Beth Thornley decided to shelve the EP she’d made in 2011.

Looking back on that project three years later, Thornley says she “just couldn’t put five or six songs out that I just felt were almost there.” (more…)

American Songwriter

The Artist: Beth Thornily, a Los Angeles-based pop singer/songwriter

The Song: “Last to Fall,” a track off of Thornley’s upcoming record Septagon, out April 8.

Fun Fact: Thornley co-wrote the song with Toad The Wet Sprocker’s Glen Phillips, who also provides backing vocals. (more…)

Write On Music

Beth Thornley has a knack for composing deceptively simple, soulful pop songs that cut to the quick with heartrending command. Maybe it’s a skill she’s honed over the years, having written for both television and film where the music often needs to encapsulate a specific scene; maybe she’s just innately gifted. Either way, Thornley illustrates this proficiency throughout the four-track EP Septagon (Stiff Hips Music). (more…)

The Celebrity Cafe

By Chelsea Lewis , 2/24/2014

Author Rating:
4.0 Stars – Very Good

Singer-songwriter, Beth Thornley, is set to release her new EP, Septagon. Thornley has been deeply inspired to write and play her own music for years and has created a unique musical style that combines pop music influences with more classic roots. This passion and musical combination has fans falling in love with the music of Thornley the moment they hear the first track. (more…) (Feature)

Today is release day for Beth Thornley’s EP Septagon, and BFTV recently had the opportunity to sit down with the Alabama-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter to discuss the new record, why she loves the EP format, and the experience of having your music placed in feature films. Here’s what Beth had to tell us. (more…)