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  • 20 Oct 12

Hello friends!
The last couple of blogs I’ve posted mentioned that Rob Cairns and I have been writing music for the play Bad Apples. It opened last weekend here in Los Angeles! Bad Apples is a new rock musical that follows three characters inspired by the three National Guard soldiers behind the atrocities at Abu Ghraib prison in 2003/2004. Jim Leonard has created a compelling, jarring, beautiful and heartbreaking story that asks how this tragedy came to be. Who were the victims? Who were the villains? Is sadism part of being human? Was Abu really an aberration brought on by a few “bad apples”?

Being a part of creating a musical from the ground up has been an exceptional experience and I feel extremely lucky to have been a part of it. Collaborating with others to make something beyond what any of us could do alone has been a study in what it means to work for a common goal and a greater good. It was a true artistic endeavor, an incredible process and a wonderful opportunity.

I am so happy that the writer, Jim Leonard, asked Rob and I to be a part of this. Working with him and everyone at Circle X Theater has been fantastic. Thank you Jim and Circle X Theatre Company!

Below are some pictures from the show and a couple of links with info.

If you are in the LA area, the show runs until Dec. 2. Here’s a link for more info regarding Circle X Theatre (the theatre company that produced the musical), the musical Bad Apples (what it’s about and who did what) and tickets: http://www.circlextheatre.org/productions/now_playing 

 Here’s a link to hear a sample of some of the songs: http://soundcloud.com/circlextheatreco/sample-bad-apples (It’s Rob and I singing — the actors in the show are even better!)

Opening night review — LA Weekly: http://blogs.laweekly.com/arts/2012/10/an_abu_ghraib_musical_thats_th.php 

This is a link to an article that was written about the play (before it opened) in which the writer, Jim Leonard, and Rob Cairns and I were interviewed about our process. http://www.lastagetimes.com/2012/10/circle-x-picks-bad-apples-from-the-abu-grove/ 

Thank you for reading this far! Below are some pictures from the show.

“Photos by Jeff Galfer/Circle X Theatre Co.”

(below) This is my pal, (and publicist of my previous albums) Wendy Brynford-Jones and me on opening night! (not taken by Jeff)

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