Finally, the vinyl-y!

  • 24 Mar 16

After taking more months than I ever dreamed it would take, due to pressing and printing issues, the limited edition vinyl is finally here and available!  Yay!  We had delays because the pressing machines went down which delayed pressing and then there was a printing issue because the album covers for the final, shrink-wrapped, bar-coded, ready to sell albums were very, very dark. The original photo for the cover is beautiful and I wanted it to be as perfect as it could be so I held back on selling them until I could decide what to do. Also, it was the holidays so we needed to wait for everyone to get back into the office.

After going back and forth regarding whether to reprint the covers or not, we decided to reprint and found a printing facility in Burbank that would allow us to do a press check. The original company was lovely and very professional and offered, very generously, to run them again but their printing presses were in Canada and we decided that it would be a better bet for us to do it locally.

What we didn’t know then, but know now, is that our album cover was a perfect storm of issues waiting to happen. Long story short, it’s already a dark photo, computer screens are all different, ink is all different, printing presses are all different. It really is a crap shoot how photos turn out unless you’re there to say “add a little more black, add a little more red” etc…. Most of the time, printing is not so tricky, but this particular image needed a little more adjusting and love than most.

We went to press check and made a couple of adjustments (for those of you who do digital prints, we lowered the line screen) and now we have lovely album covers. In a box. Without vinyl inside.

So here’s what I did —  I took the vinyl out of the original album covers and put it in the new album covers. I peeled off the bar code from the original pressed albums, tore off the shrink wrap, took out the sleeve insert and vinyl and free digital download card, put them into the corrected album covers, slid a plastic sleeve over it, re-stuck the bar code on it (thank goodness I could peel and re-stick those things!), and sealed the newly packaged album with a small piece of tape. The tape is the only thing that looks a little off, but everything else looks great!

I just want to add that we are super happy to have had the vinyl done. It is so much fun to put the record on a record player and drop the needle on it. I mean, it really does just feel good.

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